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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

An electric fence is a perimeter security system that keeps intruders away. It is both a deterrent and a physical barrier that detects intruders if they try to enter the property.

Alarmas Protektor offers reliable, efficient, and complete equipment which is ready for easy installation. Our electric fences are integrated to the alarm monitor so you can cut the line or reduce its voltage. The voltage in our electric fences remains stable even when it rains.

The equipment includes an integrated charger and internal space for a 4 A/h 12 VDC battery which supports the system for 3 continuous days. It can cover up to 350 meters (383 yards). The electric control circuit, located one meter (3.3 ft) over the wall and equipped with six high-voltage cables, guarantees that the intruder will not suffer mortal or permanent injury, without compromising its effectiveness.

Electric Fencing

A luminous frontal panel allows for verification of the equipment’s condition. Its circuits are protected by two fuses and an electronic voltage regulator, which allow the equipment to operate from 60 V to 140 V.

Alarmas Protektor offers ongoing support, as well as a one-year guarantee for installation defects and a three-year guarantee for the energizing equipment.